Pro Tip #2: Fresh Basil Chiffonade

Everyone loves fresh basil; it’s so fragrant and sweet; earthy and comforting. As well, there’s something so gratifying to seeing a well cut fresh basil chiffonade…

This here is a quick tip on how to make sure the fresh basil flavour you want goes where it should, since cutting it improperly can leave most of the flavour on the cutting board…

When I was just starting out in the kitchen industry, I got pulled aside and taken under wing by a wise and well-respected chef who taught me many of the fundamentals that can be the difference between the hard lines of right and wrong in the world of food.

I can still hear him in my head after all these years…”Treat your fresh herbs with respect, they won’t work right if you just bash away at them.”

Line all the leaves up together (I usually put the smaller ones inside the bigger ones to keep them contained) and roll them up firm (but not hard, basil bruises easily).

Then, holding the rolled up basil leaves in place, gently slice it thin; once done cutting, gently unfurl the rolled strips and you’re ready to go…..