Pro tip #6: Stock cubes

Stock cubes. Sounds odd, but it makes sense. Now here’s a smart way to store your stock for longer periods of time and use it in more precise amounts. Alright, so I’ve talked about how to make a stock using the scraps you’ve kept, thus getting a little more use and benefit out of your groceries. This pro tip saves time and optimizes space in the freezer, not to mention it’s way easier to measure out how much you need.

Imagine you need a cup of stock for example. You remember you made a batch of stock last week and you have it in a 2 litre pail in your freezer. Now, you could thaw the entire pail out, use the one cup you need and then refreeze the leftover.

Sounds time-consuming if not horribly unsafe right?

Or, you could break out your most sturdy knife, icepick or other pointy metal tool and chip, chip, chip out what might thaw down to the amount you need. There’s a risk of injury here, not to mention the chipping of ice makes a mess….. so…..

Picture a whole bag or pail in your freezer that has dozens of cubes of stock. Each one measured out so you can build the amount of stock you need out of uniform units. Your average ice cube is about 1 fluid ounce. Pull out eight of these little guys and leave the rest until you need them; perfectly intact to use at a moment’s notice.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

But why not use bigger molds to make bigger units? I have a great silicone mini loaf/muffin tray and each cube it makes is ⅓ of a cup. By that logic, you can use muffin trays to do the same job, increasing the size of the cubes.

Pro tip #6: Stock cubes

A smart way to store your homemade stocks for easy use
Course Prepped ingredient
Cuisine Universal


  • Pitcher, Ice cube tray, freezer


  • Stock whichever type of stock, you've made


  • Once Your stock is cooled, move it to a vessel which allows for accurate pouring (spouted jug, measuring cup)
  • Pour it gently into an ice cube tray and place the tray into the freezer.
  • Once frozen, the cubes can be moved to a bin or bag and stay in the freezer until you need them.



This makes using your stock in whatever amounts you need without the hassle of having to thaw out a whole batch’s worth just to use a fraction of it.
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